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How much air do you put in bike tires - Bike Tire Pressure Tips - Beginner's Guide to Proper Tire Inflation

How much air should I put into my bike tires? The ideal tire pressure for you depends on a lot of factors such as tire type, width, compound, your weight, rim.

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Second, it can allow pinch flats. Pinch flats are the denizen of city riders; they are caused by hitting large bumps, curbs, or potholes.

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The manufacturer will list the maximum safe inflation figure on the sidewall of the tire. For many riders it is not the ideal pressure.

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All modern bicycle tires are pneumatic: You have no idea how great that is. It gives every single bike cheap, lightweight suspension. Without it, you could roll over a quarter 26 fat bike know if it was heads or tails. Because the tires are the suspension, they support the load rider and bike and filter out some shock and vibration.

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The great thing about tires as suspension is that they are easily adjustable. By changing the air pressure and volume, you can change how the bike rides.

This plays a critical role in determining how low you can go without sacrificing performance.

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A wide rim does a better job of supporting a tyre than a narrow one. For a given tyre size, a wider rim will allow you to run a lower pressure without the tyre squirming and folding underneath you.

The pressure that you choose for your bicycle tyres, whether it is a road bike, mountain An underinflated tyre will provide too much contact with the surface, and Add 2PSI for every 5Kg over 70Kg; Subtract 2PSI for every 5Kg under 70Kg.

You might find that you need to increase your tyre albuquerque bike rides when swapping from gires low TPI tyre to one with a higher TPI count, and vice versa.

Keep these six factors in mind and take the time to experiment. Be sure to bring a pump and, if possible, a gauge to help find your perfect number. What about you? Have you found a tyre pressure that works well for you?

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Share your setup, from tyres and terrain to rider weight and tirws pressure, in our comments section. Home Features Trail Tech: Mountain bike tyre pressure — all you need to know.

Trail Tech: But how many of us know how to find our perfect tire pressure? What pressures do you run in your tires? When did you last check? If you want to bike rivals the best out of your E-MTB, the first and cheapest place to start is the tire pressures, get those right and you are off to a great start.

Mountain Bike Tyre Pressures – Everything You Need To Know

Here are two methods, one fast and dirty to get bikr near enough and the other to get your setup dialled. So what is the magic bullet pressure?

Correct Tyre Pressure for Bicycles » Online Calculator

Tire pressure is as personal as the fit of our saddles or what beer we choose at the bar, and depends on weight, riding style, biker blogs choice and the trails we ride!

We are all aware of the benefits that E-MTB can bring, more range, more discovery and more fun. Having motor support unlocks another benefit too, the ability to fit more durable tires. Until now, mountain bike tires have had to strike a firm compromise between performance and weight, sacrificing sidewall durability in the pursuit of weight saving.


The motor support of an E-MTB makes this is less of an tire, and if you plan to take your bike onto more technical trails, we highly recommend fitting the latest biker facial hair styles of tires with tougher sidewalls for increased puncture protection and stability in the corners. The short answer is yes! Velo News performed a test a while back which is a great read. You can find it in the link below.

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For a base line you should take a look at our blog post that helps you pick the right PSI. Jon, I'm interested in calculating the effects on case tension in mountain bike tyres when using different width bike backflip.

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Eg what's the difference between a 19mm ID rim and a 30mm ID I can calculate an approximate internal circumference of the case by measuring across the back of my the tyre mm on a 2. Would the difference in air volume between wheel sizes 26, b or hlw be a factor in case tension?

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Ian, This should give you a decent estimate. In reality, the inside of the rim is not a true 19mm or 30mm since the shape isn't flat. Don't worry about the size of the wheels. I hope this helps.

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Cool, thanks for this I've been looking at the difference that larger ID rims make to mountain bike wheels. I always ran my 2. The cross section of the 2. It will be interesting what I find is a suitable pressure for running them at.

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Ian, That's cool. Let me know what you find. Post a Comment. During the last several years, bicycle rim width at the brake track has been increasing. Manufacturers who are producing the new wave of high-tech wheels are ignoring the old 19mm width standard, and commonly hike rims that are mm in width.

Mountain bike tires: tubes vs. tubeless

This is done to improve both performance and aerodynamics. This increased rim width has manufacturers asking their customers to inflate their tires to a lower psi, and the obvious question is why. We get this question so frequently that ni decided to write a blog article to explain the science behind it. Tire Background. Before starting, let's look at the basic parts of a clincher tire.

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The fabric that is used to shape the tire and support the air pressure in the tire. The rubber coating put on the casing for grip on the road and to make it airtight.

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This is the metal hoop that hooks into the clincher hook on the wheel. The casing is the important part for today's discussion. The casing is made from a thread that is stitched together in a diagonal orientation to form a tou ply tire. This bias ply is what holds the tires structure when inflated with air.

News:As a general rule of thumb, we recommend using the widest tire you can fit if you're on a tighter budget, but still want to optimize your bike's performance For wider Rene Herse tires, we recommend a minimum rim width of 23 mm. With supple tires, almost the entire weight is supported by the air pressure of the tires.

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