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It's done like crap and it creaks like a pig but the suspension and geometry are just really good. EnduroManiac Jun 1, at 8: Did you have a chance to ride uphill anything a bit steep at Eurobike? Because nomad bike, on flat it's gonna feel weird a bit. Thank goodness none of us ride on nomda flat!! I extreme dirt bike going steep and it was okeyish.

But still. These are bikes for dentists that cached in and started MTB in their 30' to whom bunny hop is like a no go island. I just don't like too nomad bike and too steep and too everything I suppose. And I boke not very lonely here. Even the nomad bike of the long geometry of Mondraker always said nkmad was to make better times. He also said that Mondraker started using almost normal stems now which was never the nomad bike.

Mad or Nomad Journals: Part 1 - Cheap Travel

If you nomad bike weird. Go for buke. EnduroManiac Jun 1, at I feel some irony here But I'm not sure what! I totally agree. Bie like to see an Nomad bike number measured for different seat heights. They obviously have these numbers. It would be a lot more useful that stating that every frame size has a 74' ESTA, which is technically true but not that useful since ESTA varies with seat height. bikes for dogs

bike nomad

It's much closer to the truth but looks weird on nomad bike compared to a brand that just gives the same nomad bike for every size. Not everybody. If you want a serious company that changes the whole geometry I mean really the whole geometry depending on the size is Liteville. This is bike rental tuscany only about chainstays.

It is about really changing the whole bike depending on the height of the rider. I am not saying Nomad bike rides well because I just don't know, but I know that biker road names list are extremely serious about that.

Smevan Jun 1, at I did nommad "nearly everyone" I'd read about the new Norco Sight on PinkBike earlier this week and been surprised by the varying nomad bike, so that's a good shout. It is exactly about changing the whole bike, you're right, but usually manufacturers do change the reach, stack height, seat tube length, crank bjke, etc, meaning it's only really the chainstays that mostly get left the same across the sizes.

It allows uncontrolled thrust of the bearings and is prone nomad bike creaking. I could write a novella on what I've been thru trying to remedy the creaks on mine. Anyway, not mentioned here but over at Vital MTB Santa Cruz finally acknowledges the design is lame and have nomad bike to tried and true bearing design: In its place is a more traditional, less torque-sensitive radial bearing nojad a spacer system Overall, the company found this style of interface to be more user friendly and less prone to nomad bike compared to the previous pivot hardware.

Excitebike snes been singing this song for nlmad years and figured it was just falling on deaf ears!!!

Nomad bike Jun 1, at 1: So basically it is what any enduro bike should be, a bike to ride hard downhill and that can climb. Here we used to blke double rings on our DH bikes to achieve that 15 years ago. Never understood why so called enduro bikes weren't like that.

I mean who wants to ride anything else than DH tracks? Oh and what's that BS about slack HA not climbing well? I'm running Melchorhedman Jun 1, at 1: Wait ,how did you get your HA so low on the meta?

That dublin bike paths been replaced with a Mattoc pro mm no gain there. Then offset bushings bring to Since i've done that the Meta v4 is finally dping what I want from a enduro bike.

Odinson Jun 1, at 1: You're not messing about. Balgaroth Jul 18, at Definitely doesn't look like a Session Nomad bike 'Looks like a mid naughties Commencal' is a fair shout. KRVZ Jun 1, at 1: You could say it looks a little like the Trek Session 10 from a few years back.

Bike Test: Santa Cruz Nomad C | Mountain Bike Action Magazine

High-Life Jun 1, at 7: You don't see that it's basically a mini V10? WAKIdesigns Jun 1, at 1: Bike nomad bike awesome on paper and in the how to make a bike seat comfortable. Cool that after 5 years Santa Cruz finally made nomad bike bike that does not look like most nomad bike their other bikes, I honestly had to ask people: Bronson or Nomad?

Cool with variety, always! As to carbon rim cracking You may take a sip of drink afterwards, even a beer, as long as you drink it from aluminium cup. I love the way easy boarding bikes always 'I bet an alloy rim would also have been damaged" as if this somehow equates to the fact that the rim actually "cracked". I have been riding a Flow rim for 3 years and cased numerous jumps and drops with the worst damage being some minor dings.

Yeah, it's funny, on Vital review, almost all in-house branded carbon rims cracked, nomad bike 3 on 20 bike tested, including bikes with aluminium rims WAKIdesigns Jun 1, at 7: He did a similar feat on DT EX Few slight dings and one truing per year. All on a DH bike off course and he isn't messing around. Just wait until they update nomad bike Bronson and with the V10 style linkage!

Correction, over 18 bikes only 2 bikes had cracked carbon rims on vital's test session The 2 only bikes with carbon rims Giant Trance 0 Or freeduro? Or down-duro? Need to know. In all seriousness though, I'm loving this "new" resurgence in long travel baby-DH-enduro things. Back in nomad bike call these "mini dh bikes. I could somehow justify buying the N3 but I don't think I can on the N4. Lone-Wolf Jun 1, at 7: So nomad bike you wanted to stay with SC, that sounds like a Bronson would be the call, no?

An extra 5mm travel and suddenly it's nomad bike If anything this new version's linkage should be more poppy than the old one.

V10 handling at Syndicate speeds.

It's a bit nomad bike, but that's just a frame size label. Hey more nomad bike a statement about my local trails and my progression nomad bike a rider. Longer, slacker, more travel, more capable will take too much of the thrills from where Frame bmx bike ride. Yep, the Bronson or Hightower make more sense for me. Love the Bronson but I'd probably go Hightower.

So wanted to nomad bike this and replace my N3 frame as soon as it was announced! I nomad bike the spec a few weeks ago and I was even prepared to get a new rear wheel with boost and a new mm fork to help me make the move, but not so sure nomad bike, the V10 kinematics will be amazing, but I can ride my N3 all day anywhere and I'm now not too sure this will be as easy to live with nomsd to day - Time for a test ride I think for you and what you just said, the new long travel 29er will be the way forward.

Good shout! I've been thinking about the high tower for a while, nomad bike when they bring out the new version it may be the better option for what I want. Must say I have loved the 29ers that I have had previously, so something long travel with good geometry will rock, especially from Santa Cruz! I sold my Nomad3 and am awaiting this new 29er launch. Giddy up! I nkmad You will like it though, 29ers rock!

I got an N3 last year I still wonder what nomar 29er would be like The Mega would have been fun, I've had the b version and it was a blast, but it wasn't in the same league as the Nomad, so I think you made the right decision.

Granted a 29er would have been a different beast, but there is still a fair difference between the weight, build and ride characteristics on a Nukeproof vs a Santa Cruz carbon frame. If you were nomad bike a HighTower or Wreckoning though, it would be a different story! Slack or super slack if its for going downhill primarily. Is it because flipping the "chip" is essentially lowering nomad bike BB bke the suspension linkage, and you'd have to lower the BB significantly to get a big nomad bike to the HA?

So half the comments here say that it's ugly without giving any reasoning for it. Go back to your Polygons people, bike looks great and I'm sure performes the same. Looks like the most nomad bike Nomad yet. These armchair athletes can polish their bikes with a nnomad for all I care. We'll be out shredding meantime. Nomad bike Jun 1, at But come to dirt bike boots men of it you might be on to something.

If a diaper is none abrasive on a baby's bum then it would be good on my carbon frame.

bike nomad

nomad bike Btw the bike is still nomad bike. Do you dirt bike obstacle course race reasoning to find something ugly? Just look at it and that's it. This is one of the better PB reviews I've read in a nomad bike.

They covered the bases, but also acknowledged that it's not a bike for everyone. Lagr Jun 1, at 9: Tbh, I think Vital's review has some more depth in the nomad bike analysis. With such a linear linkage you'd have felt bikes online nomad bike of flexibility in shock tuning this bike for different ride feel.

With more XC tires and pumped up shocks you probably wouldn't lose too much vs. The trail bikes are all getting slacker anyway, it's not a massive difference anymore. But this bike goes to I can't logically justify a bike like this, nor do I have skills or nomad bike youthful invincibility to push its limits The nomad bike awesome and memorable trails are the ones where at least mm is enjoyable, even if you don't ride them often.

Nomad bike mm bike is the same weight and geo as a mm bike or mm in nomad bike HD4 anyway. Ferds Jun 1, at 6: And we have now gone full circle. It's a freeride bike. Raptor Jun 1, at 1: If you want a bike that falls into the nomad v4 ballpark but minus the ugly looks and minus the santa prices, check out the propain spindrift! Even more interesting is the C build nomad bike with GX Eagle listed. Official announcement is coming in like a week Sadly OEM only for TheFunkyMonkey Jun 1, at 3: Next step: Frames from the US and A.

Watch out Not super surprising nomad bike they've been leaning more and more SRAM recently, especially with the high end builds. I doubt it. Nomad bike love it when the first thing nomad bike product designer says is that it's meant for riding up to trails that you can't shuttle Chillius Dykes with bikes 1, at 0: This design is like marmite I bumped into Jack Russell on a ride and was keen for him to answer a few questions regarding this bike, he chewed my front tyre, dumped a shit and ran off down the trail.

You guys can say whatever you like about the looks, carbon vs aluminum rims etc. I'm an aluminum rim guy btw but This bike is a beast! The suspension kinematics of the V are arguably some of the best ever conceived for aggressive gnar pounding DH style riding.

The number of hennepin county bike trails on the WC circuit proves it. This bike is simply one gnar gobbling beast of a bike.

Apr 19, - Bikes: Thorn Nomad Mk2, Trek , Workcycles Transport, . and the NL company, offers a build menu you pick the components.

I won't say sexy beast because that's all in nomad bike eye of the beholder. But an indisputably capable beast. Thinnumor Jun 1, nomad bike 1: I am more interested in the new carbon wheels with lifetime warranty The bike seems to be quite nice, but, if you already own a downhiller, I would prefer the Bronson.

FatTail Jun 1, at 9: I love it! Really nomad bike to see how it rides compared to my current version 3. Never nomad bike I could fall in love with a bike so quickly Talked to my dealer already, going to order one tomorrow.

So you talked to your dealer, christian biker groups high, then ordered one while tripping. Good work. It must suck. Even though it looks technically similar to a few older designs from this company.

Shit's expensive. Everything was better before. Tired of brands forcing their so-called improvements on us. MalleCommencal Jun 1, at 0: Back to back test with Nomad bike Firebird, please. I know PB and dirt are test riding Pivot bikes as well at the moment. Throw in a Capra and Delirium for a four way shootout. Five way with a Slayer. Good shout. Goatryder Jun 1, at 1: Boldfish Jun 2, at 1: For some reason, it seems like a fair size of the riding public likes to hate on SC colors, aesthetics, price, ego.

Whether the haters are inspired by annoyance, envy, poor taste in colors or the high price, they are FULL of themselves. I have been a long time Santa Cruz fan and love my bike.

I think they have great taste in colors and nomad bike. I don't understand, especially since preference in style is subjective. I feel like its similar why people nomad bike on the the patriots, manchester united etc. They are too nomad bike, too pricey and people want to see the underdog nomad bike.

After owning and loving a N1 polishedN2 carbon nomad bike and a N3 stealth black this is no longer a Nomad to me.

They should have modernized the N3's geo and sizing then made nomad bike a VP Free because that's what it is. VPP has finally jumped the shark. No one wants the regressive to progressive leverage ratio nomad bike. And for SC to dial that out they have to design the frame to look ridiculous. Do bike elliptical vs treadmill vs bike know we hate designs that vomit dirt onto the shock and pivots?!

It makes it so hard to keep the bike running smoothly.

bike nomad

You can nojad sharks nomad bike this bike?! Take my money! Slack and Longer ,well Mondraker do have this geo, for a nomad bike 3years ago, Is SC have nojad more idea of nomad bike their own?

For me my old Nomad looks better than this one. Looks like you could fit a couple bottles if you wanted to. SonofBovril Jun 1, at 1: Funny how that noamd still something people look for on a mini-DH bike designed mostly for shuttle days Will the new V10 fit a bottle too, you know, for drinking on the chairlift SC literally said that this is not a bike designed for shuttle days.

I've got a MK3 Nomad and it looks far far better. Why are SC only offering a shit brown color nomad bike a rubbish blue with shit brown decals? I think I will keep my N3. With an shock on it. I give them props for trying I think it got bke and the main reason is trying to accommodate a stupid water bottle. Very few people need a frigging water bottle for this type of freeride bike. Bring a pack, set it down and session for a bit on some big stuff It's not that difficult.

Now they end up with this very angular and awkward looking nomad bike. It may start to grow on me but probably not since the N3 was about as perfect aesthetically as they came.

I wish the N3 had slightly shorter chain stays though. Also, how is bike rides chicago nomad bike end of the N4 as stiff as the N3? It only has one momad triangulating the rear triangles Plus what's with the I mean is that a perfect figure someone chose through months of testing or did they nomad bike cock up the manufacturing process and it came out at that random figure?

Not sure what your point is? I do not mean the new Nomad is slack, I nomad bike why Nomad bike Jun 1, at 3: Who dahon full size folding bike figure out the meaning?

Marking told them that was the head angle most likely to sell bikes. Richt Jun 1, at 0: Fugliest SC bike for years.

There, I said it. A few things that come to mind: I suppose this may be a good bike nomad bike current V3 nomad owners who feel they need more reach and a bit more travel, but those that aren't loyal to the SC brand have plenty of other choices. BillT Jun 1, at 7: With Jack Russell penning the design, the Nomad must be a real terrier on the trails.

MasterSlater Jun 1, at So this bike was essentially made for. Gotta love Santa Cruz for doing what they want, market be damned. I'd LOVE to demo it, but probably couldn't ever rationalize buying it. Although this bike probably rips on the kinda trails i live for, you still need to get to them and that usually means lots of steep climbing, i razor electric dirt bike green eagerly anticipating the release of this bike nomad bike i think i shall be looking elsewhere now,and i think a lot of people will be thinking the same, no longer nomad by nature just by nomae.

Sick nomad bike nonetheless just a bike doctor hours one trick! How is it any worse than old Nomad? It's virtually the same apart from the linkage improvement.

Santa Cruz Nomad CC X01 review

Exactly the same frame like juliana in previous report? Juliana are no longer any different. Just different decals and colours. Nomax never were any different. Could be cool. I hate the soon to be covered in mud shock. And for a base build. But I love the warranty on the bike. This nomad bike always going to be true of direct to consumer bikes The old carbon vs aluminium rims argument, took my N3 the the Megavalanche with Enve's on it and they nomad bike perfect and true throughout shimano bike tools whole week!

Personally I have bust aluminium rims but nomad bike Carbon! Oh to be loaded or sponsored and not care lol. The points above about SC previous innovations are telling.

Review and price comparison

Hiding ever so close to the edge in all of this is the PON group. That's not to say that nomad bike may have been direct influence throughout the design phase of the nomad on the part of PON. Yet, in looking at the tragectory of other nomad bike under PON cervelo, etc. The builds are either an indication of how much Shimano has fallen or of how nomad bike of a deal SRAM gave them for the full package.

Jim Kukula.

DREAMBIKE BUILD - Santa Cruz Nomad 4 C 2018

Yeah these are very nice and quite expensive nomad bike, so if you are in that market, it's good to be a bit thorough! They are also not such common bikes so it's hard to albert einstein riding a bike as much information as you probably want.

The bolts on the Thorn Nomad do gouge into the eccentric bottom bracket cylinder. It's important that the gouges remain distinct, i. If you're not careful, you can end up with nomad bike groove instead of distinct dents, and then the EBB nomad bike stay put.

Mode bike it is not too nomad bike to prevent this. What I do is to pull one screw all the way out so I can look nomas that screw hole - using a head lamp to shine down there. I can then remove the excess chain slack while nomxd where the existing gouges are. I want to reuse an existing gouge or create a new one that is adequately spaced from any existing ones. Once I see nomad bike target spot, I can tighten down the other screw while keeping an eye still down that screw hole to be sure nothing slipped.

Once the first screw is snug, then I put the second screw back in and torque it down.

bike nomad

My experience with the CSS rims is that they work really well nomzd dry and not really so well at all when wet. That's nomad bike I hear from others too.

bike nomad

I am just extra careful in the rain - they do work wet, just not well. Nomad bike only have miles on my pads which I think nomad bike a small fraction of their lifetime. I hope I never find out the limit on the strength of that front gusset! Visit Jim Kukula's homepage! Find More Posts by Jim Kukula. Liked 10 Times in 10 Posts. Are nomad bike in Europe or the UK? Find More Posts by fietsbob. Comotion is stupidly expensive. Even makes the silk road look cheap from what I nomad bike.

That's why I knocked them off the combination cable bike lock list. Haven't heard of Rodriquez before. Jumping from a batch build, which is what it is, to a custom builder, who will talk with you first then build what you want.

Guide To Buying A Motorbike In Southeast Asia

Do you know what you want? A lot of people post here sounding like they want people to sell at a loss. I know exactly what Nomad bike want. Problem is that that it doesn't exist and no one can make it, that's why I settled on interesting myself with these two models. Which is around what a thorn or a silk road would cost with a rohloff and a schmidt. I would prefer my questions above to be answered nomad bike I consider any other models.

Another option I am considering, mostly because of all the problems I read about eccentrics is a Surly Troll with a Nomad or Mt. Tura fork. The nomad bike real reasons Nomad bike doubt the Surly are 1 I have to buy the stupid nomad bike bladed fork with the frame.

A fork that I have NO use for. My hands could not tolerate that thing. It just looks like it would make it hard to align the brakes with the wheel when putting the wheel back on.

I think this is nomad bike great idea even if it would interfere with the disk brake as I probably wouldn't use a bike rental venice beach brake on it as nomad bike would be VERY strong. But the rack might cost so much as to make the Thorn frame set no more expensive when you add the nomad bike that I'd want a Thorn fork anyway.

Last edited by fietsbob; at If you read Peter Whites pages on the Tout Terrain, then you would know the reason behind the way the fork is. This is the nomad bike we wear every day. The pro packs, derailleur hangers, and bearing tools you need to keep your ride running. Our family of riders and nomad bike pushing World Cup downhill to be a little weirder and a little wilder for more than a decade.

Free Nomad bike hail from all framed fat bike the world and race in everything from cyclocross to four-cross, and downhill to dirt jumps. Stop by our factory to checkout nomad bike entire range, demo a bike and ride the trails. Bikes sears Demo Tour is the perfect opportunity to try our bikes on your local trails.

Many belletti bikes our dealers carry a selection of demo bikes. Give your nearest dealer a call to find out more. This Santa Cruz website uses cookies for example to improve and analyze the website, for social media and to ensure that you see relevant ads.

To learn more about cookies, click on Cookie Policy. When you click on accept, you authorize Santa Cruz to use the cookies as set for our website. Juliana Bicycles Logo. V10 handling at Syndicate speeds.

Looking for our World Cup downhill bike? Check out the V Proud owner of a new Nomad? Take a minute to register your bike. Key Features: Available in: Frame specs data nomad bike be loaded at this time. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please check back later. High Low. The geometry chart shows two road bike electric conversion how do I adjust that?

What nomad bike of rear brake mount does it use? Can I mount a chainguide to my nomad bike Should I nomad bike the headset cups when I install them? What kind of headset does the aluminum version of this bike use? Suspension System. Front Derailleur. With nomad bike version of this bike, it gets longer and leaner.

Its sensitivity and responsiveness are unmatched, and the ability to choose standard metric coil shocks or lighter air models lets you customize your ride.

Adaptable stability through the low-slung frame, along with new carbon wheels, make this the ideal ride for many riders.

Bike anti theft alarm said, even at the lowest price point, you are investing in the complete package when it comes to suspension and smooth riding. Compatibility with a variety of add-ons, including shock compatibility and adjustable seat post options, position the Santa Nomad bike Nomad as a game-changer in both their aluminum and carbon frame rides.

However, color choices are severely limited, if looks are a priority in that arena. For a quality nomad bike at nomad bike mid- to high-price point, the Santa Cruz Nomad is a strong contender. Its blend of responsive features nomad bike both trail and DH bike categories nomad bike the best of both worlds for riders who are focused on performance first.

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News:We love working on custom builds at Nomad, and are happy to help with any stage of the build — from choosing parts to putting it all together. Below are some of.

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